Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! Remember the reason for the season

Hello Pin Pals.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Just a quick note to acknowledge the reason for this season. It amazes me how many people want the perks from Christmas like the shopping, gift giving/receiving and feasts, but don't want to bring 'religion' into it! Wow!!! That really amazes me. That is like going to a person's birthday party that you don't like and not acknowledge them, but you remain at the party to enjoy the festivities...the food, dancing, socializing, etc. That is alot of nerve. I really don't understand some folks and don't know if I ever will. Well Happy Birthday Jesus! And on that note, many blessings to those of you who respect the holiday and even more for those who don't! I've got to get back to my paintings. I am working on a new series for the coming year! You know I'll keep you posted.

Much love,
Your pin pal,

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Renecia has left the building!

Hello Pin Pals!
The Art Crawl was interesting. Met ALOT of people. Got to see some old friends and made alot of new ones. Now on to my next project. I'm moving out of my studio at The Houston Foundry! :) and :( Bittersweet, but anyway, I'll temporarily relocate to my home while my husband and I look for a studio space closer to our side of town. We've decided to share a workspace so that he can do his photography and I can do my art. So the search is on. I'll talk to you soon! Gotta get moving!!!

Your Pin Pal,

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