Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life is great when you have FANS!

Hey Pin Pals!
In taking full advantage of my new studio I think I'll start having an open studio once a month in order to bring awareness to the area. It's always nice to meet someone new and get their perspective on my work. I love getting feedback even if it doesn't lead to a sell. After all the reality of this business is that it really doesn't matter how I feel about my art if no one else is interested in it or 'gets' it. Fortunately I really haven't had that experience, I've been blessed and regularly sell my work. However things still aren't easy and I am always hustling trying to find new and better ways to expand my fan base. Yes I said fan base. See I've learned that fans are the greatest asset of all in anything you do. Fans stick by you when fairweather friends don't. Fans compliment you, but they also aren't afraid to tell you what they don't like. They tell you what they want and when they want it. Fans buy your work because they see it as an investment, something valuable that has a connection to someone they know and love. Fans feel that they succeed when you succeed. Fans are not haters and genuinely have your best interest at heart! Fans are really the key to any successful venture. Ahhhh! I Love My Fans, and pray that God continues to bring me more along with the vision and creativity to keep doing my thang! Well on that note I've gotta go.... someone's at the door, possibly my next F-A-N!!!

Much love,
Your Pin Pal

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