Monday, August 25, 2008

Bowling Pin Plaques--my latest creation!

Hello Pin Pals!
I am so very excited about my latest creation--bowling pin plaques! They are basically half a bowling pin with a flat backside which allows them to be hung on the wall and of course the same great art on the front and sides as I've always done. This idea was actually generated as a result of being asked to come up with something that could be used as a give-away in lieu of a traditional thank-you plaque. Remember the Bowl for Kids' Sake event that I participated in about a month ago as a vendor for Big Brothers Big Sisters? Well they needed a little something, something to show their appreciation to their sponsors and whala--there you have it, the Bowling Pin Plaque!!! Sheer genius, but I can't take credit for it— it was definitely a gift that was given to me--Thank God! So check out my site at to see the new Bowling Pin Plaques. And I'm offering them at a great introductory price of only $30.

Much love,
Your Pin Pal,

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