Thursday, October 02, 2008

Painting is like making love...

Hello Pin Pals!
Yes you read right and No I haven't lost my mind. At least not yet...completely. I came up with this theory this morning while talking to an associate who paints periodically for relaxation. She mentioned wanting to earn some extra cash but not having the time to take on a second job. Of course, me being me, chimed in as I have many times before, and told her that she should paint more and even sell her work to friends and family who have asked her previously about her work. Well she told me that her mojo was on vacation, her painting wasn't that good and that mine was different and real. I couldn't believe what she was telling me especially since I didn't know that I could really paint until four years ago when I was encouraged by some of my graphic designer friends who also painted. And those are the same kind of excuses I gave them. Her words rang so clear in my head and I knew that I had to encourage her to try just as my friends did for me. I told her that painting is like making love. It requires the right mood, some skill and knowing your spot. Of course it gets even better with time cause 'practice makes perfect'! I know first-hand that you can't allow fear and negativity to control your life. Doing so will guarantee that you never become great in your gifts/talents. God gives everyone something but you've got to try— you have to use them. And I'd never really given any thought to what painting was like before today but at the exact moment of having that conversation with my associate it all became crystal clear, painting is like making love! Well I think I've said a mouthful. Til next time.

Much love,
Your Pin Pal

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