Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is good in New Orleans!

Hey Guys!
New Orleans, N.O., NOLA, the Big Easy, Crescent City, whatever you call it, it means good times, good people to meet, good sites to see, good food to eat....always entertaining, very cultural, full of pride. I feel good! I am blessed to have this experience in my life. To start life anew. For now I'm taking it all in while its still fresh, but later I look forward to interpreting my experiences and feelings through my artistic vision. This brings to mind a painting from a series I started earlier this year entitled, Femelle. It is a depiction of a strong, confident, sexy, fun loving, female figure who is the same regardless of where she is in the world. She is female in every essence of her being. She values herself and loves life!

Much Love,

Femelle - Available For Sale $60

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