Friday, February 26, 2010

Artists Wanted winner finally revealed!!!

Hey guys,
Thanks again for voting for me and my daughter in "The Power of Self" artists competition. The winner has finally been revealed after weeks of reviewing by the judges. Congrats to the winner, Cheng-Chang Wu from Nan-Tou, Taiwan-a photographer! You can view his work and the other winners work at

The contest was a lot of fun and I had a great time creating my self portrait piece. Although,I do find it strange that a contest open to ALL mediums (Fine Art, Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Installation, Print Making, Graphic Design, Glass, Book Arts, Performance, Video Art, Street Art/Graffiti, Photography, Tattoo Art) chose 3 PHOTOGRAPHERS as the winners. Not that their work wasn't great, but seems like this should've been a Photography contest. Maybe I'd had a better chance if I'd submitted some of my alter ego photos. I'm sure I could've swayed the judges with my cat woman or indian princess costumes! lol!!!!

But it's all good. Life goes on and obviously that wasn't our blessing to be had. So again, many thanks and much love to you all!

Enjoy your weekend,


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