Thursday, February 11, 2010

The double-edged sword of being a professional artist

Hey guys,

I was thinking about there being pros and cons to every career. Being an artist is no different. I believe that I was born to be an artist. It is a lifestyle not just a profession. While thinking about the good and bad factors of being a professional artist, I created this list, in no certain order:

The Pros—
• Excitement: It's an interesting career.
• Originality: It provides a creative outlet to express my personality.
• Connection: I'm able to relate to people visually, mentally, emotionally and physically by sharing my work.
• Satisfaction: Earning money from something that I created.
• Independence: Being my own boss means the freedom of working whenever, however, wherever and with whomever I want.

The Cons—
• Pay: It is an unstable source of income.
• Stressful: Having to make decisions like a business takes away from the enjoyment of being a creative.
• Competition: Trying to stand out from the crowd to gain recognition.
• Expensive: The costs for materials, equipment, workspace and marketing can be pricey.
• Respect: It's not perceived as a real profession by those who believe art is a leisure activity.

These are from my personal experience. I would love to find out others perspective of the pros and cons of living the life of a professional artist. So what's on your mind?

Much love,

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