Thursday, February 04, 2010

Leaving a Legacy

Hey guys,
Today's inspiration is from beyond the grave, the artist Alberto Giacometti whose Walking Man I sculpture sold for $104.3 million dollars and broke a world record. Even though he's not here to reap the benefits of his labor of love, I'm sure his family/foundation is very proud of his achievements. As an artist this has inspired me to continue working hard at my craft —experimenting, adjusting and striving to be a better artist, a better entrepreneur, a better Re (me). Perfection is not realistic. Nothing man-made is ever perfect. But creating art that is appealing to the senses and emotions is timeless. I believe most of us strive to be successful and sell as much of our work as possible, for as much as we can get. Although being able to leave behind a high quality, body of work that will increase in value and maintain its appeal for generations to come, is an artist's ultimate reward here on earth!

So back to work....

Much love!

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