Monday, February 01, 2010

The people have spoken...

Hello guys,
Thanks so much for all of your time and votes for me and my daughter's artwork. I truly appreciate your dedication and desire to see me succeed. Unfortunately I was not a winner of the Artists Wanted People's Choice Award for the most votes. Hilary McHone (aka BrooklynHilary) of South Pasedena, Ca and Brooklyn, NY at AND Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland at both tied with thousands of votes for their portfolios and won the $1,000 cash, a reception in New York City and international publicity in partnership with Gawker Artists.

Congratulations to both ladies for all of their hard work in promoting their work!!! However,
the public voting does not effect the formal judging process which is based on the actual work, not the votes. So keep hope alive and say a prayer or two for me and my daughter's entries. The Grand Prize will be announced once all the portfolios are formally reviewed within the next couple weeks. And there's even still the chance that we'll be contacted by Artists Wanted or others about opportunities to show our work beyond the bounds of the contest in outlets, from press to gallery shows to book editions, etc.

So again, thanks and much love to you all!


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