Thursday, September 30, 2010

Countdown to 'The Great Escape'

Hey Guys!
Lately I've been battling a major block to stay focused on my work because there's been so many distractions. Now the countdown is on, as my show will be on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at the JW Marriott on Canal Street. I will be donating a percentage of my proceeds to Scholastic's Read & Rise Book Fair Program to benefit New Orleans Title I Schools. The book fairs were all held this month and Clear Channel radio's seven stations have been in full swing broadcasting about the program. I've even been blessed with some advertising in exchange for my participation. It felt wonderful to hear my spot announced in rotation on the radio and that was a real kick in the pants as it all began to seem so very real at that moment. So now I'm on to fulfill my quest to create the best 12 paintings I've ever exhibited to raise money for those childrens books!!! I hope to see you at the show!

Much love,

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